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A Curious Children's Album

Doug Tidstrand

An eight-year-old’s life was irrevocably changed the day he sat with his family, listening to a symphony at the Hollywood Bowl. The young boy could hear all the different, distinct instruments clear as a bell and said to himself, “I can do that.” From that moment on, Doug knew that he could compose music – and set out to do just that. He began composing symphonies in his head and was writing music by the time he was in high school, scoring for the band, and performing with the Los Angeles All-City Marching Band at the Rose Parade at the Super Bowl in 1980. Doug has also performed with various orchestras and bands since middle school. Doug was awarded a full music scholarship to California State University at Northridge, and studied voice and composition. His professional life as a composer was born as he began to create music for film, television and video, capturing the attention of numerous independent filmmakers anxious to have Doug score their next project. Doug’s singing career also flourished as he performed with the Pacific Chorale, Pacific Symphony, and Los Angeles Philharmonic. Doug currently resides with his wife and family in Los Angeles, California and his readying his debut solo project for late 2011 release. In addition to being a father, composing and playing music, he is a proud member of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM), Local 47, and also a writer and publisher with BMI.

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