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A Curious Children's Album


“Before the Stork”

A Curious Children’s Album


    David Arkenstone - producer/guitars/background vocals


  Charlee Brooks – mixing/background vocals


                    Einstien Brown – vocals on Don’t Forget


                    Neal Desby – Orchestrations


  Monique Donnelly – vocals on Just Wait


                    Cliff Eberhardt – vocals on Get Nothin’ Done


                    Rachel Englander – violin


                    Paula Fehrenbach – cello


                    Tony Galla – vocals on iDrool


  Diane Gilbert – viola


                    Scheila Gonzales – woodwinds


                   Joel Hamilton – bass on You Make My Heart Sing and Here Comes Chubby


  Michael Higgins – guitars on Hard Head


                   Scott Higgins – engineered classical percussion at Goodland Studios(forgot to put it in the liner notes)


                   Michiko Hill – piano/organ


                   Robert “Pee Wee” Hill – bass/engineer


                  Camille Kanengiser – album art


  Bob Leatherbarrow – drums


                    Nikko Lowe – vocals on Don’t Forget and I’m Just Wakin’ Up


  Stan Martin – trumpets/horn arrangements


                   Christine Miller – vocals on Still New To This


                   Charlie Morillas – trombone


                   Seth Osburn – piano on Gravity


                   Phil Paolina – harmonica


                   Kelly Pollins – CD art design


                   Christopher Strand – vocals on It’s My Time


                   Rachel Talbott – vocals on Hard Head


                   Doug Tidstrand – vocals on You Make My Heart Sing


                   Brenda Van – vocal consultant


  Savannah Van – vocals on You Light Up My World


                  John Van Houten – tuba


                  Josefina Vergara – violin


                  John Wakefield Sr. – intro vocals on Get Nothin’ Done ….and my Dad


                 Chad Watson – bass on Hard Head and Get Nothin’ Done




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