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About John

John was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in nearby New Carrolton Maryland, the last stop on the orange line. If you don’t include girlfriends, John only lost one fight growing up and in all fairness he never knew they were fighting. One day at recess a boy just walked up and kicked him in the crotch, and that was pretty much the end of it. John recovered fully and never did get an explanation for the attack but it taught him a valuable life lesson…sometimes you just get kicked in the crotch. John went on to get a music degree from the University of Maryland. He then drove across the country in a Chevy van named “Buck” and ended up in Los Angeles where he pursued a master’s degree in percussion from USC, after which he immediately started tending bar. Eventually John would end up performing with the LA Philharmonic, LA Opera, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, LA Chamber Orchestra, LA Master Chorale, Pasadena Symphony, New West Symphony, Opera Santa Barbara, etc, etc, as well as performing on movie soundtracks ranging from Frozen to Transformers to Jersey Boys. At some point John started writing his biography in the third person. John has always been fascinated with songwriting. His first song, a satirical treatment of his best friends favorite meal (GyroTime), was written when he was in high school and consisted of lyrics put to an instrumental version of an existing song. Little did he know that by using this technique he would be at the vanguard of modern pop songwriting. John however, shunning fame and fortune, chose to take a more traditional approach to songwriting and toiled at the craft in anonymity for the next two decades. ┬áJohn lives in Los Angeles with his wife Joanne, their three children, Calvin Morgan and Vann, and a pack of dogs. He is now actively pursuing fame and fortune.


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