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A Curious Children's Album


iDrool - insights into drooling from the underrepresented baby’s perspective…a matter of fact warning.

Hard Head - yes, a baby’s hard head is a brilliant design feature for those equilibrium-challenged tots, but it also represents a persistence and stubbornness only rivaled by ants.

Don’t Forget - like to accessorize?..have kids. It seems there are a thousand things to remember every time you walk out the door…a thousand and one including this album.

Gravity - little ones are fascinated with gravity, and only partially because it’s the cornerstone of modern physics. In this song, one little Newton explains gravity as he sees it.

Get Nothin’ Done - new parents have to make a few adjustments, the biggest being that their new baby doesn’t conform to their busy schedules. This song explores coming to terms with that shifting of priorities

I’m Just Wakin’ Up - speaking of schedules, babies come with their own. This baby girl explains that to her parents…again.

Just Wait - by far the most frightening of all the songs, this ominous warning comes from a baby with a master plan…it’s also a surprisingly effective and non-controversial form of birth control.

Here Comes Chubby - Rankin/Bass meets Tijuana Brass in this musical portrait…and if you get that reference, you must be old too.

You Light Up My World - they can drive you crazy, yet they can keep you from going crazy.

You Make My Heart Sing - a baby’s description of Mom…(should be) The Official Mother’s Day Anthem

Still New To This - she’s just asking that you cut her a little slack.

It’s My Time - the focus shifts from the ordeal of the mother to that of the child…preparing for and experiencing birth are as real as it gets.


“These clever, funny, well-crafted songs send you careening deep into the realm of parenting. Hold onto the baby-wipes, you’re in for a musical ride!”

- Paul Cyg

Independent Music Critic


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